Soundproof your space with acoustic lighting.

The ANDLight Slab series was conceptualised with multitasking in mind. Designed by Lukas Peet, Slab came about in order to reduce ambient background noise in high-circulation spaces.

Slab combines a laser-sharp profile with a pure Merino wool felt exterior to provide an aesthetically unique and versatile product. Its soundproofing capabilities increase privacy and reduce distractions within rooms. Perfect for corporate meeting rooms, offices, busy hospitality settings, residential bedrooms and dining areas, the list goes on and on.

Slab comes in 5 distinct shapes, including rectangular, square and pill-shaped forms. Colours range from black to white, marigold, green, brown and grey. A natural cork finish is also available.

Slab’s LED panel is available in both 2700K and 3000K, with custom colour temperatures available upon request. The panel is clear when turned off, but presents itself with a striking ambiance when turned on.

The Nimbus Lighting Pad is an efficient sound absorber as well as a high-quality atmospheric light, with specially-designed ‘free-form’ lenses that reduce glare. It illuminates interiors while its light sources remain practically invisible, concealed amongst wool felt.

Lighting Pads come in a variety of different colours and either a round or square shape. There are 7 organic colour options such as green and marigold, designed to naturalise interiors and provide a sense of wellbeing.

With three colour temperatures, the Lighting Pad is made with visual and acoustic comfort in mind, moving away from stark, clinical luminaires and towards a more tactile future.



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