Three luminous new product lines from ANDlight.

In case you missed it, Canadian design studio ANDlight has recently dropped three dazzling new pendant collections - Column, Iris, and Lobe. ANDlight conducts all aspects of the design and manufacturing process in-house, from conceptualising to prototyping, machining and assembling. Integrating state-of-the-art lighting technology with innovative production methods allows ANDlight to produce iconic, distinctive lighting products time and time again. If you love lighting that’s original and offbeat, look no further - these new ranges are brimming with personality.


Like an ancient Grecian column, this series is defined by its tubular shape and clean symmetry. A subtly faceted glass exterior gives this pendant range a fluted appearance, just like its namesake. Suspended horizontally or vertically, the Column pendant can make a room feel longer or taller with its grand silhouette. The Column series is available in two finishes - a clear, dark Carbon glass and a powdery white, opaque Ivory glass. While the Carbon glass reveals the luminous components within, the Ivory glass conducts the light to make the glass itself look radiant from the inside.


Like a glowing eye - or perhaps a flying saucer - the Iris pendant features a distinct silhouette and a textured acrylic shade. Each Iris pendant is a combination of two shades, Shade A and Shade B, with four potential combinations to choose from. The crystalline shade somewhat obscures the diffuser within, softening the glow and creating atmosphere throughout your chosen space. It also has a breathtaking scale, which makes it a stylish and commanding feature light. Its hardware and suspension accessories come in a graphic Black finish or a sleek polished Silver.


An ode to the subtle beauty of mechanics, the Lobe pendant stands out amongst ANDlight’s product range with its industrial charm and smaller scale. Composed of stacked cylinders, each cylinder within the Lobe pendant is machined from solid aluminium to create a slightly irregular, chamfered appearance. These cylinders combine to create a subtly off-kilter yet harmonious tower of parts. The Lobe pendant is available in an arrangement of warm tones: Salt, a mix of gold, rose and silver, and Pepper, a mix of black, red wine and brass hues.



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