The Pipeline Chandelier is timeless, yet traditional.

The Pipeline Chandelier by ANDLight is an extension on the popular Pipeline range, a modular lighting solution for commercial and residential interiors. The Pipeline Chandelier is a cylindrical configuration of linear LEDs, bound by metal hoops. Glamorous yet unconventional, it’s a contemporary twist on a classic silhouette with each linear section resembling a standard Pipeline model.

Having studied industrial design in both Vancouver and Berlin, Pipeline designer Caine Heintzman developed an early interest in lighting. Over the years, his career path gravitated towards the lighting industry and he has gone on to design innovative luminaires such as the Chandelier. 

The metal hoops come in 3 possible diameters, allowing this range to fit in both small and large-scale interiors from residences to hotel lobbies and halls. 2 different lengths are also available. The Chandelier comes in matte white and black finishes as well as brushed silver, copper and brass, which add a classical feel.

It’s available as a single or multiple tier fixture. Like the original Pipeline series, it has its fair share of modular features; the height of each tier is adjustable to best suit any given space. Furthermore, it can be suspended horizontally or vertically. It can be hung, barrel-like, over dining and conference tables or vertically in stairwell voids and foyers.

“We like to consider adaptability in all aspects of a design. We work hard to develop luminaires that offer diversity in form and finish in order to fulfill the widest range of applications. We believe that elements of flexibility can improve the quality of a product.”

—Matt Davis, Co-founder & Owner, ANDlight



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