48V Track – Arkoslight’s new top-tier tracklight system.

Introducing the much-anticipated 48V Track series by Arkoslight.

The track itself comes in surface-mounted, suspended and recessed trimless models, ensuring that it seamlessly adapts to both high and low ceilings. It comes with a range of compatible luminaires – including Line, iO, Plus, Six, Top, Zen Tube, Fit, Spin and Holly – allowing you to choose between ambient illumination and accent lighting depending on the needs of your space. Each of these fittings has an outstanding CRI and strong lumen output within a minimal design.

All 48V Track luminaires are easy to install without the need for tools or electrical expertise. They simply clip into the track, which then supplies them with power. You don’t need to disconnect the track from mains power in order to do this, and a gentle pull will unclip them from the track again. A majority of these luminaires can be oriented by hand, allowing you to direct your light wherever it's needed.

48V is lower than the threshold at which electricity is harmful, making this system risk-free and safe to operate without protective equipment.

This range has a high-quality design and build, right down to the smallest details. Its minimalist design prevents visual clutter within a space and makes it ideal for projects that require an unobtrusive light source. The 48V Track range can be dimmed using DALI controls.

You can download Arkoslight’s 48V Track Brochure here.



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