Keep it low-key with Black Foster by Arkoslight.

Black Foster is an award-winning series of downlights, pendants, track and spotlights which use ‘Invisible Black’ lighting technology. 

Black Foster products don’t emit glare, and produce a beam of light that can’t be spotted unless you’re directly beneath it. This results in new lighting possibilities for commercial fitouts, office spaces and even residential builds.

Black Foster downlights are ideal for retail spaces, especially when installed in shopfronts. They create an interesting contrast when installed on white ceilings, and can blend into darker ceilings for a more subtle lighting effect.

They also come in an asymmetric model, which provides a wall-wash effect and can be used to illuminate corridors and hallways.

Black Foster spotlights create a focused yet moody glow, ideal for galleries and showrooms. They can be angled by hand to illuminate key points such as wall art or sculpture. The Invisible Black technology ensures that the focus is on the interiors, not the lighting.

The Black Foster Suspension is perfect for office task lighting, but it translates well into more informal settings. Linear pendants are popping up more and more as an interior design trend, and this pendant looks just as smart when installed over a dining table or kitchen isle.

The range recently became available with a metallic internal finish, which preserves the Invisible Black effect but adds a luxurious accent in-situ. 



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