Puck – another score from Arkoslight.

Crafted from disc-shaped aluminium, every aspect of Puck‘s design is carefully considered, and its concentrated beam delivers outstanding general illumination. Puck’s understated appearance is eclipsed by its superior lighting capabilities, and its range of models and applications makes it a highly adaptable product.

Puck took home the Iconic Award in 2017 under the category of Interior Innovation. It was awarded by the German Design Council, an institution that has been dedicated to recognising and celebrating good design for more than 60 years. Arkoslight has been awarded over 30 international design prizes within the last five years; Puck is just one award-winner which can be found in their vast catalogue of esteemed products.

Puck comes in three sizes, ranging from 65 to 80 to 95cm in diameter. Puck’s body is manufactured entirely from aluminium and is designed to curve around the LED unit in order to effectively manage the heat produced from the light. The aluminium body also acts as a partial shade for the LED, increasing visual comfort. 

What distinguishes Puck from competition within the lighting market is its lack of need for an external driver. It operates using mains power, which allows it to stay small and inconspicuous.

Puck also uses a diffuser sheet to achieve a homogenous lighting effect. This makes it ideal for ceiling mounts, as it emits a strong yet diffused beam of light downwards, illuminating interiors with minimal glare. 

Each model in the Puck family features a Colour Rendering Index of >90. Puck is available in a ceiling recessed version, and is available with an IP rating of 20 or 54, making it suitable for shop spaces, hospitality settings and showrooms, as well as commercial and residential bathrooms. Choose from a textured finish of white or black, and a colour temperature of 2700K, 3000K or 4000K.



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