Swap your boring downlights for these.

The Swap range by Arkoslight is a family of recessed LED downlights that can be used for virtually any project. Whether it’s residential or commercial, healthcare or hospitality, Swap has you covered with:

Eight models.

  • Four sizes (S, M, L and XL),
  • Two shapes (Round and square fittings),
  • And two light beam directions (symmetrical and asymmetrical).

Plenty of decisions for dimming.

Each Swap model is dimmable using DALI, Push or Phase Cut protocol.

Colour options galore.

Swap is available in black, white, black/white, silver, red and gold.

Outstanding output.

Each Swap model is capable of producing up to 960lm with a 7W input, delivering highly efficient general lighting to large and small spaces alike. Its ‘Super CRI’ (>97) makes its illumination crisp and comfortable on the eyes.

IP54 and IP20 options.

For more humid environments like bathrooms and spas, IP54-rated Swap models provide glare-free light that’s impervious to steam.

Dim-to-warm technology.

As you dim your Swap lights, their colour temperature gradually decreases to create a warmer and more comfortable environment. Ideal for residential projects.

Minimal appearance.

Swap lights are small and blend seamlessly into any ceiling, putting the focus on your space – not your light source. 

Workable wallwashing.

Swap’s asymmetrical models are perfect for shedding light on key interior elements such as feature walls, artworks and entranceways.

Cyanosis approved.

Swap is suitable for installation in hospitals as it complies with the Cyanosis Observation Index (COI). Cyanosis (bluish skin) is associated with lung and heart disease, and COI-compliant lighting helps doctors to assess the oxygen content in blood to best diagnose and treat these issues.



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