St Georges

The St Georges project is a prime example of how to seamlessly blend heritage and contemporary architecture. The renovation of this grand Edwardian home in Melbourne's Elsternwick neighborhood was led by Bayley Ward architects, who expertly restored the original Edwardian rooms to highlight their grand proportions and formal structure, while also adding a modern extension. The use of materials such as black oxide steel, polished concrete, and grain timber, added depth and character to the space.

One of the highlights of the renovation was the use of Vibia Wireflow light installation, specifically positioned to complement the black oxide steel detailing on the cantilevered stair. The Wireflow lamps are a system of hanging light fixtures designed by Arik Levy, reinterpreting and reinventing the classic chandelier fitting. The supporting structure for the Wireflow 3D lights is constructed using black electrical cables and LED light sources, which gives the lamp its distinct character. The electrical cables trace three-dimensional geometries, creating a sense of transparency that defines the captivating graphic feel of this light fitting. The Wireflow by Vibia is available in 4, 6 and 8 diffuser versions, allowing for different lighting effects and ambiance.

The Vibia Wireflow light installation adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall aesthetic of the home and serves as a prime example of how Vibia Wireflow can enhance the overall aesthetic of a space. The Elsternwick project is a must-see for anyone interested in heritage architecture, contemporary design and unique lighting solutions.

Products: Wireflow and North by Vibia

Architect: Bayley Ward

Styling: Larritt - Evans

Photographer: Eve Wilson



The Wireflow series by Vibia offers a fresh and contemporary take on the traditional chandelier. With a wide range of options, this collection is the perfect choice for making a statement with your lighting.