Robson Rak's Brighton Homestead project achieves a remarkable feat by seamlessly integrating the distinguished elements of the original home with a contemporary addition. The project's success lies in the skillful blending of unexpected contrasts between the old and new, which culminates in a harmonious result.

Undoubtedly, the lighting design plays a crucial role in creating an ambiance that seamlessly integrates the original architectural features with modern design elements. The successful execution of the lighting design is a testament to the architect's acute attention to detail, resulting in a project that exudes an inviting and comfortable atmosphere, perfectly aligned with the user's needs and style.

Wireflow Free-Form over the kitchen bench and the Wireflow Lineal over the main dining table are two of the most striking fittings in the project. Designed by Arik Levy, the Wireflow free-form consists of black electrical cable connecting light terminals using an LED light source. The hanging lamps can be installed on the ceiling or walls, offering the user carte blanche when it comes to creating interior spaces. The Wireflow lineal, on the other hand, combines black electrical cable with a metal rod structure that traces pure minimalist forms in two dimensions, creating a captivating graphic feel. The Wireflow 2D lamps are available in different versions with 2, 6, and 10 diffusers, allowing the user to select the fitting that is most appropriate to their décor.

The Flamingo pendant by Antoni Arola for Vibia is another fitting used in the project. The ornate entrance hall, the formal dining room, the study, and the formal lounge area all feature the Flamingo pendant, creating an ambient light through a thermoplastic translucent diffuser that performs like a spot light thanks to its LED light source. The Flamingo collection combines an impacting and poetic aesthetic with functional design and performance, making it an ideal fit for the Brighton-Homestead project.
In the bedroom, the Wireflow free-form pendant light is used as a hanging bedside pendant lamp, adding a minimal and sophisticated touch to the décor. The free-form design of the fitting creates a unique ambiance in the bedroom, reflecting the refined taste of the architect and the user.

This project by Robson Rak architect is an exceptional example of how lighting design can be used to create an atmosphere that complements the original design and brings the old and new together naturally. The fittings used in the project, such as the Wireflow free form, the Wireflow lineal, and the Flamingo pendant, are perfect examples of how lighting design can be used to enhance the beauty of a space while creating a functional and comfortable environment. The Vibia fittings used in the project are available in several finishes reflecting current design trends, making them an ideal fit for any interior design project.

Products: Flamingo pendant, Wireflow Free-Form and Wireflow Lineal by Vibia

Interior Designer: Robson Rak

Photography: Felix Forest


Brighton Homestead - Robson Rak


Robson Rak seamlessly integrates old and new architectural elements in their Brighton Homestead project with the help of stunning lighting designs. The Wireflow and Flamingo pendants, among other fittings, play a crucial role in creating an ambiance that perfectly complements the project's original design. These fittings, designed by Arik Levy and Antoni Arola for Vibia, respectively, can help enhance the beauty of any interior space while creating a functional and comfortable environment.