Essential Reading: The Koda Guide to Catenary Lighting.

Catenary lighting can be used in both public and private spaces to create a peaceful and inviting atmosphere. It’s perfect for backyards, patios and alleyways and can be hung between buildings, trees or poles. It’s an effective way of spreading light over larger public areas instead of using harsh flood lamps (which use up more energy and create a less welcoming vibe). At home, catenary lighting creates a cosy, informal setting by using low-wattage bulbs in repetition – ideal for relaxing and entertaining. Catenary lighting reduces light spill which in turn reduces both energy consumption and light pollution (the latter of which could get you in trouble with your local council). Single-cable catenary lights in particular are simple, cost-effective and a discrete source of illumination. Read on to get acquainted with our favourite catenary lights.

Daikanyama by Zero.

Daikanyama was inspired by the Tokyo district of the same name. It adapts to both large and small areas with its cable system, and allows to you create a wide variety of spatial configurations including grids and zig-zags. It’s IP20 rated so you can’t hang it outside, but Daikanyama will make the most of voids and high ceilings. This is one you’ll definitely want to hang in busy shopping precincts, cafes and halls. It looks great as a single-cable installation or in grids and rows.

City Wire by Zero.

City Wire has a generous size and durable build. It suits both indoor and outdoor settings and comes glare-free thanks to the cone-like shade and placement of the LED unit. It’s great for accentuating high ceilings and its industrial look makes it perfect for rustic urban environments. However, the grid can be removed and custom finishes are available on request, making City Wire adaptable to more sophisticated settings. It also has a high CRI and an optional opal glass diffuser.

June by Vibia.

The June hanging lamp was designed by Emiliana Design Studio for Vibia. This garland-like lighting solution can be hung between most vertical surfaces including walls, trees and poles. It’s perfect for exterior use, and delivers either direct or indirect lighting. The June 4745 and 4750 provide direct general illumination with their round opal glass diffusers.  For a more ambient glow, choose the June 4730 or 4735, with shades that resemble an eclipsed moon.



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