Designer Spotlight: Axel Meise.

A self-taught lighting designer with an uncompromising vision for his products, Axel Meise is the founder of Occhio and the brain behind its award-winning product range. High-quality materials, considered aesthetics and holistic, user-centric design has elevated Occhio products to cult status, where the brand stands alongside design icons such as Apple and Bang & Olufsen.

Meise established Occhio in 1999 with the aim of creating a universal lighting system - products that would constantly adapt and evolve, all while remaining timelessly on-trend. Meise was driven to create a lighting product that would suit every environment, and in doing so, has developed a wide range of adaptable, modular luminaires that allow Occhio users to become lighting designers within their own spaces.

Occhio’s use of advanced technology, like gesture control and outstanding colour rendering, sets it aside from its competitors in the lighting market - as does its aesthetic. Harmonious design elements and the consistency of materials and finishes ensure that Occhio products all ‘speak one language’ and complement each other when installed together.

Meise’s dedication to innovation and perfection has led the growth of the Occhio brand, which often resembles that of a sportscar manufacturer more so than a lighting company. Today, we’re proud to represent Occhio in Australia and bring the very best in lighting to our very own design community.



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