The Double Bay House, designed by renowned Sydney-based interior design firm Arent & Pyke, is a great example of how a home can be transformed into a space that seamlessly combines both functionality and personalisation. This award-nominated project, located in the heart of Sydney's luxurious eastern suburbs, showcases the firm's ability to create a living space that is both visually stunning and practical.

The use of a palette of stone and eucalyptus greens, as well as the relocation and centralisation of rooms, contribute to the open and communication-friendly format of the home. 
The Bellevue Hill House is a testament to Arent & Pyke's ability to create personalised and functional spaces that are both visually striking and practical.

Adding to the visual appeal of the Bellevue Hill House is the inclusion of the Gala Pendant by RBW. The sleek, modern design of this pendant light serves as a striking focal point above the kitchen bench. The use of the Gala Pendant not only enhances the overall aesthetic of the space, but it also provides functional task lighting for the kitchen. The choice of the Gala Pendant, a design element that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical, is a testament to Arent & Pyke's commitment to creating functional and beautiful living spaces.

Products: Gala pendant by RBW

Interior Designer: Arent&Pyke

Photography: Felix Forest



Explore the Gala pendant by RBW.

Minimal, near-weightless, Gala is a modern take on a classic fixture, rethought as a simple beam strung up by the slimmest extension cords. Each ivory-frosted luminaire was blown by hand to a one-of-a-kind, voluptuous opal.