A stairwell void can sometimes be a tricky thing to tackle. It presents us with an empty section that’s hard to fill, often leading to a feeling of vacancy within a space. The right feature lighting can make all the difference, as seen here at the Double Void House, designed by JDA Studio. We supplied Vibia’s vertical Palma pendants for this project, and love the way they hang elegantly in the foyer of the house.

Vibia’s Palma range features wall lamps, table lamps and pendants such as these. With the inclusion of a hanging basket for hardy houseplants, the Palma range enriches and naturalises its surrounds – quite literally bringing interiors to life.

The Double Void House features a natural and earthy colour scheme, which is complemented by the verdant Palmas. Rich wood grain can be found throughout the space, as well as crisp white walls which make the most of the house’s natural light.

Products: Palma pendant by Vibia

Interior Designer: JDA Studio

Photography: JCNS Photography



The Palma collection is full of striking pendants, perfect for lighting stairwell voids.

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