Edizione Lusso – a new level of luxury.

Ornate marble meets Ascot leather in Occhio’s new product line, Mito Edizione LussoThe Mito range is one of Occhio’s signature collections, with its sleek frames and outstanding light quality making it one highly awarded product line. Edizione Lusso takes this range and elevates it with hand-finished leather details and stately marble bases. The result is breathtaking.

Every Mito product is available in Edizione Lusso, each one crafted from a complementary set of luxury materials and finishes. These include the classic Mito sospeso and soffitto luminaires, as well as the elegant Mito largo and raggio floor lamps.

Meet the finishes – scuro, caldo and vivo.

Each new marble base for Occhio’s Mito largo and Mito raggio is cut from a large block of marble, giving them all a unique grain. Every Lusso floor lamp is topped off with a hand-finished leather arm.

scuro: Nero Marquina marble with black Ascot leather.

caldo: Dark Emperador marble with brown Ascot leather.

vivo: Guatemala green marble with grey Ascot leather.

In Edizione Lusso, the Mito raggio and largo luminaires also come with a new black anodised finish, aptly named Phantom.

An extended finish range for the Mito sospeso and soffitto.

These luminaires have an extended finish range, with not only scuro, caldo and vivo, but puro, oro and intenso too. 

scuro: black leather canopy with a Phantom exterior.

caldo: brown leather canopy with a Phantom exterior.

vivo: grey leather canopy with a Phantom exterior.

puro: white leather canopy with a matte pure white exterior.

oro: white leather canopy with a matte gold anodised exterior.

intenso: grey leather canopy with a rich rose gold exterior.

The leather canopies have a tactile, open-pored appearance which creates not only atmospheric light, but tactile appeal. Combined with a range of smart interior finishes, these luminaires amplify the warmth of intimate spaces such as living rooms, dining settings and bedrooms.

Edizione Lusso will be available soon. Register your interest with us by calling (02) 9699 6007 or email



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