A feast of colour, Hermon by WOWOWA is an invigorating addition to a grand old Federation home in Hawthorn, Victoria. A classic red-brick exterior contains the vivid interior within - one that amplifies the house’s historic terracotta hues through the creative use of terrazzo and Spotted Gum veneer joinery. A striking contrast is drawn through shades of rich green on the cabinetry. Previously-segmented living areas have been swapped for a generous open-plan design that draws attention to the home’s original high ceilings. 

RBW’s shadeless Hoist pendant is elegantly suspended over a mauve tiled bathtub with lilac mortar. A Hoist sconce is nestled between two mirrored bathroom cabinets to provide vanity lighting. Outside, a Hoist sconce with a large, plate-like shade casts a warm glow across the poolside, while yet another shadeless Hoist pendant is draped against the terrazzo kitchen wall. 

Bedsides are lit by the Phase sconce, which adds a warm and inviting ambiance alongside the perfect amount of reading light.

Product: Hoist sconce, Hoist pendant and Phase sconce by RBW

Architect: WOWOWA

Photographer: Martina Gemmola