Built in 1907, this charming heritage house in Randwick, NSW is an artful combination of Victorian and Federation design, full of subtle eccentricities that have been attentively retained by architects Madeleine Blanchfield and Adrianna Basile. 

An expansive red-brick addition complements the existing heritage masonry, capturing the vibrancy of the original build while providing ample room for a busy family of seven. The house’s large north-facing garden was framed by the new addition, with visitors walking through the garden and past the heritage exterior before entering the spacious new home.

Inside, ochre-red hues and grey terrazzo are a perfect accompaniment to the new brick walls. Cool blue bathrooms provide a welcome contrast to this earthy colour scheme. To capture the richness of this palette, Swap downlights by Arkoslight illuminate the stairwell and living room, with a high Colour Rendering Index ensuring that the new interiors don’t look dull or washed-out. 

Awards: Nomination - 2022 Houses Shortlist

Product: Swap downlights and Step stair lights by Arkoslight 

Architect: Madeleine Blanchfield Architects

Photographer: Anson Smart



Use high-quality technical lighting, like downlights and track lights, to create ambient illumination while highlighting the colours and textures of your chosen space.

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