MAX is a project which is at once a secluded private space and an opulent medium for entertaining. It was inspired by the client’s love of the TV show Mad Men and the enduring charm of its set design. This is evident throughout the rich dark tones, brushed bronze and sculptural interior architecture seen throughout – a contemporary perspective on mid-century aesthetics.

In the kitchen is Vibia's Halo Lineal pendant, its rigid form creating a welcome contrast to the bold curvature of the isle and joinery. Like its surroundings, it conveys a sense of luxury, illuminating the granite countertop below. 

Modern vintage furniture, a hidden bar, a cellar and whisky room make MAX an inviting place to unwind, enjoy a drink and soak in the details.

Product: Halo Lineal pendant by Vibia

Interior Designer SJB

Photographer: Nicole England