We’re mad about modular lighting systems.

Over the years, we’ve seen a rise in modular lighting systems – groups of products with interchangeable pieces that can alter their structure, appearance and performance. 

It’s good for specifiers. If the lighting requirements for a project change, modular lighting can adapt as components can be added or removed. Modular lighting is also favoured by architects and interior designers because it’s so customisable; more opportunities arise to create unique lighting formations and therefore distinctive interiors.

Some other benefits of modular lighting:

  • The size and shape of the overall fitting can be modified to best fit the dimensions and contents of any space. It works well with both low and high ceilings.
  • Lighting components can be adjusted to produce direct or indirect lighting, or both.
  • Simple part replacement if an aspect is faulty.

Our favourite modular collections include Pipeline CM by ANDLight, Tube by Vibia, and Arkoslight’s 48V Track system.

Tube / Vibia

Vibia refers to the Tube series as ‘a fluid landscape of light’. Designed by Ichiro Iwasaki, this collection allows you to connect up to four shades to a single electrical point. You can situate them as either surface-mounted or pendant lamps. Then, you can create a ‘metro map’ of electrical conduits across the ceiling, leading to each shade. Tube allows you to have both ceiling and pendant lamps in one simple system, providing both general illumination and more concentrated pools of light, wherever needed.

Pipeline CM / ANDLight

The Pipeline CM range is linear lighting with a twist – literally. Each model is made up of cylindrical pieces which can be rotated on a central axis (or elbow). Models can be adjusted to produce a wide variety of shapes, from zig-zags to rectangles, circles and grids. Pipeline CM can be adjusted to produce both upward and downward-facing light, and there are multiple finish options for the range – including having the ‘elbows’ in a contrasting colour.

48V Track System / Arkoslight

This range features low-voltage trimless, surface-mounted and suspended track systems, with compatible luminaires. It blends seamlessly into the interior architecture of a space, and each luminaire simply clips onto the track – no tools required, making it incredibly simple and user-friendly. You can add and subtract fittings as necessary to fill a wide variety of lighting requirements. And there’s a luminaire for just about every need, from spotlights to pendants to accent lights. There’s no project that it can’t fit – see for yourself.



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