New products unveiled at Occhio’s Culture of Light Festival.

In October 2022, Munich’s Lenbach Palais saw over 1000 guests gather to attend the Culture of Light Festival - the largest event in Occhio history. With a record turnout, new products unveiled, and captivating demonstrations by founder Axel Meise, the future certainly looks bright for Occhio. So, what’s on the horizon?


Occhio is introducing the Mito taglio - a sleek table lamp with a linear head. Like its predecessor, the Mito gioia, the Mito taglio is an indispensable addition to offices and workspaces, using light to revolutionise the ways in which we work and collaborate.

A combination of direct and indirect light sheds light on the task at hand, all while delivering atmospheric illumination to the surrounding room. Like the gioia, the taglio features gesture control, 360-degree movement and colour rendering that’s virtually on par with natural daylight. The Mito taglio’s streamlined, resolute aesthetic allows it to fit perfectly within all manner of contemporary offices, coworking environments and home workspaces. Available from Summer 2022/23.

The Mito largo ventures outdoors

Occhio is delivering outdoor lighting with a ‘wow’ factor that’s hard to find elsewhere. The languid Mito largo, with its elegant, arching stem and halo-like luminaire, is soon to be available in an outdoor model. Arriving in new finishes, ‘maroon’ and ‘dune’, the Mito largo outdoor will match perfectly with the materials and colours of exterior environments. The new Mito largo outdoor will also complement the Sito range of outdoor luminaires, which are soon to be available in the same finishes. Both the Mito largo outdoor and the new Sito finishes will be available from Autumn 2023.

X-tra warm

Bringing new warmth to homes, hotels and hospitality environments, Occhio is releasing a new ‘x-tra warm’ colour temperature - 2200K - even warmer than the standard 2700K or ‘candlelight’ temperature used in mainstream lighting. This new colour temperature will be available upon special request from early 2023.


Introducing Coro - or ‘choir’ - a groundbreaking departure from Occhio’s signature product offering. Coro is a new series, delivered with a competitive price point, making it more widely available for project specification without compromising on quality or efficacy. The Coro family begins with an arrangement of slim, rod-like pendants - Coro sospeso - that hang almost weightlessly from fine cables. True to its namesake, each product in the Coro family is designed for grouped installation. Each luminaire within the Coro sospeso has a dramatically reduced silhouette in comparison to other Occhio pendants, like the Mito sospeso. Each Coro luminaire has a sensor which allows for effortless gesture control, surrounded by a ‘grip pad’ that can be held while adjusting the light output. Coro pendants are equipped with a ‘zoom’ lens that can be easily extended to deliver more focused illumination. The Coro series also features both a recessed and surface-mounted spotlight, which can be used to fill rooms with ambient light, or wash light across walls. Coro spotlights feature the same ‘zoom’ function as the Coro sospeso, allowing you to adjust the light intensity to your desired level. Like any other Occhio product, the Coro family features touch-activated dimming and a tunable colour temperature. Available from Summer 2023/24.

Coro Moon

Introducing the ‘Fireball’ - another new frontier for Occhio, a subtle yet revolutionary take on the classic globe light. The Fireball appears as an opaque, solid glass ball - once activated, it fills entirely with light. What sets it aside from the common globe is its complete lack of glare; even at its brightest, it delivers unparalleled visual comfort. And despite its rounded diffuser, it has a torch-like spotlight function that creates stunning pools of light over the surfaces below. The Fireball is the central component of the new Coro moon - like the Coro sospeso with its rod-shaped silhouette, the Coro moon is equipped with the glowing Fireball instead of the adjustable ‘zoom’ lens, but with all of the same intuitive features. The Coro moon will also be released as a recessed and surface-mounted spotlight. Available from Summer 2023/24.


With the Fireball already proving to be a trail-blazing new invention, Occhio has used it to develop a new range of decorative luminaires - the Luna series. A captivating globe made from mirrored glass, illuminated from within by the patented Fireball. Luna will be available as a series of gesture-controlled pendants, like the Coro and Coro moon. Several models of table lamps, wall lamps and surface-mounted ceiling lamps will also become available as part of the Luna family, making this a large collection with endless possibilities for installation. Three sizes of wall and ceiling lamp will be available for selection, each with their own lighting effect, allowing for a broad range of compositions. Where the majority of Occhio’s products are sleek, resolved and essential, the Luna series represents a foray into the purely decorative, while continuing Occhio’s legacy of integrating groundbreaking new technology. Available from Spring/Summer 2023-24.

We look forward to bringing you the latest from Occhio, in 2023 and beyond! 



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