Hand-picked office lighting to brighten up your bureau.

Whether you’re designing a new corporate fitout or just wanting to spruce up a home office, we can help you find the right light for the job. High quality light and ergonomic design are great for boosting productivity, and our range of high-end task lights will do just that.

The Mito terra by Occhio

The Mito terra by Occhio comes in both desk and floor models. A brand that’s globally recognised for excellence in design, Occhio doesn’t disappoint, bringing us gesture-controlled office lighting with a tunable colour temperature and movement detecting technology.

The Mito terra turns on when movement is detected nearby and turns off when idle, saving energy in the process. Simple hand gestures are used to turn the fitting on and off, dim it, brighten it and adjust its colour temperature. The colour temperature ranges from 2700K to 4000K, tuned according to your preference.

There’s also the Mito terra 3d, which has a slanted stem. This is perfect for casting light over longer desk spaces.

The Nimbus Force One

The Force One floor lamp by Nimbus has been revamped since its release in 2009. It’s one of Nimbus’s most loved products, and for good reason – it’s a powerful office light with a range of high-performance features.

“Unlike in George Lucas’ soon to be 7-part trilogy about a heavily breathing masked guy and freaks in pyjamas… our Force One, as the protagonist of the bright side, brings along some real superpowers.” – Nimbus

It contains ambient light sensors, which adjust the brightness of the lamp according to the levels of natural light in your surroundings. It also has motion sensors, which can be activated or deactivated with the push of a button. The Nimbus Force One also features flicker-free DALI dimming and produces an outstanding amount of light – up to 8,472 lumens to be exact. It’s great for illuminating long desks, conference tables and other vast areas.

Not only does the Force One pack a punch, but it can out of the box and in your office within 5 minutes. Why? Because it’s comprised of only 3 components.



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