Get your gardens glowing.

Lighting your interiors is important, we all know that. But exterior lighting fulfils a range of key functions too. It’s a wayfinding tool, a means of highlighting great architecture, and an easy way to enhance backyards and patios. Here are a few of our favourite outdoor lighting solutions from Zero, Vibia, and RBW – three award-winning companies with a fresh approach to exterior illumination.


New to the market is the Plant range by Zero, a series of bollards and wall lamps with three distinct silhouettes.

The rustic finish of the Plant series goes well with a number of outdoor elements such as concrete, brick, wood and slate. The bollards create a downward pool of light that’s perfect for lighting… well, plants. The Plant wall lamps can be used to shed light on building numbers, signage and other important details. They’re versatile, modern and easy to incorporate.


The Bamboo range by Vibia features bollards, floor lamps and wall lamps with sleek, unimposing silhouettes. Like the Plant range, its muted finishes help it look right at home amongst gardens and pathways. Bamboo bollards are a perfect pathway illuminant with their downward projection and crisp lighting effect. Their warm colour temperature creates a relaxing and inviting atmosphere all year round. Bamboo wall lamps create a light statement when installed in rows, adding instant appeal to large, bare walls.


The Brisa outdoor lamps by Vibia are an elegant way to integrate light with your landscape. They’re designed to resemble a bluebell with their thin stems and arching necks.

Choose between one, three or five light points within the Brisa range. Each diffuser can be adjusted to project light wherever needed – onto seating, prized garden beds, and pathways. The fitting resembles either a lone flower or a grouping of blooms, depending on which model you choose.


And last, but not least, the Dimple sconce by RBW. A close relative of the Crisp, Dimple comes in a range of colours and serves as a glowing beacon for your exterior. Perfect for the backyard or the bathroom, Dimple has a charming concave diffuser which produces an orb-like pattern of atmospheric light. The diffuser is available in plain glass, amber glass, frosted glass or dark grey glass – also known as Smoke.



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