The Pebble series is in a glass of its own.

The Pebble series draws its inspiration from nature, celebrating the natural beauty of river stones. Translucent glass shapes come together to create pendants and wall lamps which seem to shapeshift at different angles.

“The inspiration for the series was the inherent beauty of river rocks… I wanted to allow these primordial shapes to glow—adding to their profoundness and giving them a soul.” – Lukas Peet.

The Pebble series was unveiled by ANDLight at Euroluce earlier this year.

The pendant version was recently awarded ‘Best Pendant’ at NYC X Design, which took place at New York City’s ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair). Rest assured, its wall-mounted version is just as good, coming in the same wabi-sabi shapes and flattering finishes.

Pebble is manufactured in Canada. An LED power supply and heat sink are used to keep each glass shape sitting very close to the wall (or if it’s the Pebble pendant – close to one another).

It’s up to you to choose which combination of ‘pebbles’ you’d like when selecting a pendant. You can choose two glass shapes of the same colour, or two different colours for added interest. Each ‘pebble’ comes in four finishes: pearl, travertine, slate and citrine. One bulb shines twice as bright as the other which keeps the light output consistent, no matter which combination of bulbs you choose.

Because the glass fittings are hand blown, they will vary slightly in their form, colour and size. There may be flecks and bubbles, but this adds to the unique nature and bespoke appearance of the overall product. Pebble can be dimmed using 1-10V or phase dimming, and has a CRI of >90. 



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