Re-define interior lighting with the pioneering Plusminus system.

Introducing the long-awaited Plusminus by Vibia – a modular lighting toolkit with infinite possibilities (and we mean infinite). This system encourages us to think outside of conventional lighting design by offering a state-of-the-art suspension system and a wide range of compatible luminaires. Plusminus can seamlessly adapt to all forms of interior architecture, no matter how unconventional. If you’re looking for decorative lighting that’s unique, adaptable, easy to install and timelessly stylish, Plusminus is for you.

The foundation for the Plusminus system is a smart-looking textile cable. With four colours to choose from, you can pick the shade that best suits the elements of your chosen interior.

  • It’s conductive, but safe to touch – no protective gear required!
  • It comes at a length of up to 30 metres and can be easily cut to size on-site during installation.
  • It fastens like a belt, with adjustable tension.
  • Luminaires can be affixed using a simple clasp mechanism.
  • You can power multiple luminaires while only needing a single electrical connection.

A range of suspension accessories like wall fasteners, counterweights, metal beams and tensor wires give you even more freedom when designing your Plusminus composition. From here, you can create a gravity-defying composition of light using the following luminaires:

  • A globe-shaped lamp which produces warm, diffused light in all directions.
  • A hemisphere-shaped lamp which produces direct illumination.
  • A pendant with a classic conical shade, which creates pools of light over your chosen area.
  • A spotlight for both accent lighting and ambient lighting.
  • A linear diffuser lamp that’s ideal for overhead catenary suspension.
  • A low-UGR linear lamp that offers clarity and brightness with very low levels of glare (UGR <19). Perfect for offices!

There are several canopy options for the Plusminus, allowing you to select from surface-mounted, built-in recessed, remote, and plug-in canopies. You can choose which ones you prefer based on your interior architecture and desired look. Dimming options may vary according to which canopy you use.

Tips for designing your Plusminus:

  1. You can start a design from scratch, or choose from one of Vibia’s layouts (don’t worry – you can personalise it as you go!).
  2. Chat to a member of our team and tell them about your ideas and project requirements. Want to get creative, or choose a layout? What are the dimensions of your space? What kind of lighting effects are you after? Is there a certain dimming protocol you’d prefer? In order to achieve your desired composition, you may need certain accessories. Our team can advise you on all of this.
  3. Once we’ve helped you create your Plusminus design, we can provide you with pricing, delivery details, and installation instructions. If you run into trouble while putting up your Plusminus, just contact us and we’ll help you get to the bottom of it. We’re available from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Once we’ve ordered your Plusminus, it’ll arrive in an ergonomically packed, portable cardboard toolkit, ready for you to play with.



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