Gorgeous glass from our favourite design trio.

RBW (previously Rich Brilliant Willing) is a young American lighting brand, established in Brooklyn in 2009 by lighting designers Theo Richardson, Charles Brill and Alexander Williams. Since its inception, RBW has grown to become a highly sought-after brand within the global design community. It’s taken timeless lighting silhouettes and given them a stylish contemporary edge. These are three of our favourite RBW products, which take the classic round glass fitting to new heights.


Crisp is a simple, stylish surface-mounted sconce. It’s molded from solid glass and suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications – it makes a stunning bathroom light. It can be ceiling or wall mounted and comes in numerous colours, including a copper tint. The glass shade is grooved like a potato crisp, hence the name; this enhances the output of the light source within.


Dimple is one of the newer products to be released by RBW – a smooth, dimmable sconce. It produces an orb-like pattern of gentle atmospheric light. Like the Crisp, it’s crafted from solid glass and backed with anodised aluminium. Dimple comes in frosted glass finish, as well as with a smokey grey or amber tint. It’s durable and suitable for installation in wet areas, although it also makes a great bedside light.


Pastille’s design is nostalgic, designed to evoke the luxurious spirit of Old Hollywood. It comes in various models such as the Pastille Vanity, Cluster, Disc, Sconce and Wayfind. Designed to be customised, its backing plate has a custom finish option. The Pastille Wayfind can be hand-painted to show a house or room number, making it a versatile option for navigation in hotels and resorts.

Now with new dimming options.

Rich Brilliant Willing has added ‘Portfolio Dimming’ to select products, as of August 2019. Three precise new ways to dim your lights, according to the lighting performance needs of your project: choose from Standard (10-100% output), Flex (1-100%) and Performance (0.01-100%) dimming. These new options are designed to streamline the specification process and provide you with a greater level of lighting control. Crisp, Dimple and Pastille are all compatible with Portfolio Dimming.



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