Lush plant life can be found in every corner of the Rustica bakery and café, designed by architect Fiona Drago. As they step into the charming new Chapel St space, patrons are welcomed by the smell of hot coffee, fresh croissants, and a bright, verdant interior courtesy of our Vibia Palma lamps. Rustica South Yarra is one of four bakeries in the chain founded by star pâtissier Brenton Lang; the space is characterised by its earthy colour palette, timber accents and marble countertops, which create the perfect environment for the Palmas to shine in.

Palma lamps line the walls and hang over the tables, adding the perfect green accent. The warm lighting, plant life, large sunny windows and timber accents throughout the café all echo principles of biophilic design: an approach to creating spaces which integrates aspects of the natural world. Biophilic design has been proven to boost our mood, lower our blood pressure, reduce stress, improve our memory and help regulate our Circadian rhythm. So, when we immerse ourselves in natural elements, we may find ourselves feeling calmer and happier.

The smell of fresh sourdough probably helps too.

Products: Palma wall and pendant lamps by Vibia

Interior Designer: Fiona Drago

Photography: Rebecca Newman