The Shot Light M Surface. An Arkoslight best-seller, revamped and available now.

After the success of their award-winning Shot Light range, Arkoslight has released the Shot Light M Surface – an indispensable product for retail interiors, galleries, showrooms and offices.

The Shot Light range is designed to be discreet, delivering glare-free ambient or accent lighting with a purpose-built micro-reflector. That means a perfectly defined beam of light, without the risk of sore eyes.

What’s more, a beautiful, curated space is nothing without considered lighting. Cheap downlights with a poor Colour Rendering Index will leave your interiors looking dull. Spaces with a nuanced colour palette will look monotonous, and brightly-coloured furniture or art can seem washed-out beneath a CRI of 70 or below. The Shot Light M Surface has a >90 CRI, which increases the overall quality of the light and helps the colours in your space to truly stand out. 

This new Shot Light model comes in matte white and black textured finishes, as well metallic gold and copper. You can select a metallic finish for the interior or exterior of the downlight, adding a touch of luxury.

Its slim, tubular shape and range of high-tech features makes it a subtle put powerful tool for your lighting arsenal.



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