Your lighting speaks Volumes about your interior…

Introducing Spotlight Volumes. This family of pendant fixtures is based on four unique shapes which can be seamlessly combined in order to produce 16 stylish silhouettes. The series was designed by Lukas Peet in 2010 to expand on the capabilities of the spotlight as we know it. The Spotlight Volumes pendant features a conventional downlight as well as an unconventional uplight, providing new dimensions of illumination.  A choice of shades with varying diameters allow the user to customise their ideal amount of upward and downward light.

Every pendant within the collection has a warm, flattering 2700K colour temperature. The electrical cord wraps and knots around the fixture’s midsection, giving the impression of a strand of thread wrapped around a spool. The cord separates the two halves of the fixture while it hangs from a low-key 1mm-wide aircraft cable. This makes the luminaire appear as if it’s suspended in mid-air.

Spotlight Volumes can easily be arranged in groups for a stunning decorative statement. The standard surface finish is a textured matte powder coat, with decorative finishes available in anodized black or gold. Other colours include sage, vanilla and avocado.



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