Structural. Decorative principles, architectural design.

Structural is an Arik Levy design for Vibia which has an angular, minimalist appearance. The series is characterised by aluminium boxes interconnected with metal rods that supply power while creating a visual flow. Levy cites ancient architecture and primitive torches as the inspiration for this deconstructed product.

Structural combines direct and indirect lighting for a dual effect. Like a lot of Levy’s products, Structural was created with architects and designers in mind as it allows for an infinite range of personalised lighting techniques.

“There is no place this cannot go,” explains Levy. “It has 0% design and yet 100% design. This could fit in any historical building or in a very contemporary building… in a contemporary space it will merge and flow with the minimalist architecture.”

Structural is glare-free with a >90 CRI for visual comfort, its spare look encouraged by its understated finish range. A crisp 3000K colour temperature makes it great for bright and busy areas. Structural fits perfectly into corners and crevices, around walls and along ceilings. It can be used to frame and highlight wall art in a lobby or residential space; it’s also ideal for accentuating high walls and spanning large areas of bare ceiling.



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