Get acquainted with Dots, Ghost and Kontur.

Originally unveiled at Euroluce in 2019, three stunning new products are now available. In true Vibia style, these product ranges were spearheaded by superstar designers, each with an iconic silhouette that’s sure to influence lighting trends the world over.

First up is Dots, designed by Martín Azúa, which is a series of compact wall lamps in gorgeous wood-grain or lacquered finishes. You can choose from 5 different models, which create a mixture of directional and ambient lighting effects. Models 4660, 4662 and 4670 create an angular beam which can be rotated 360 degrees – perfect for lighting bedsides and reading nooks. Model 4665 reflects light from its moon-shaped surface, projecting it outwards for an atmospheric glow, while 4675 produces an even, circular diffusion. 

Ghost is a series of pendant and table lamps with commanding silhouettes, the result of yet another collaboration with Arik Levy. Despite their substantial size, they add radiance to interiors thanks to their mouth-blown opal glass diffusers. The Ghost pendant comes in one standard model, while the table lamps have three shapes to choose from. These table lamps come with three diffusers – one in standard glass, one in burgundy, and one in red – and these can be installed in the bottom half of each table lamp to produced coloured light.

Kontur has a unique shape, its curved shade reflecting light from a slim LED module. Designed by Sebastian Herkner, it brings a strong architectural look to interiors. Kontur is available in both pendant and wall lamp form. Some pendants and wall lamps use a semicircular shade made from super-thin metal, while the rest feature a tubular shade made from opal glass. These two shapes create two distinct lighting effects. The tubular shade creates well-rounded general light, while the curved metal shade produces a more directional effect. This is especially desirable for office desks and dining settings.

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