Vibia explores light & wood.

Warm steam-bent oak is enveloped in aluminium as part of the Duo series, designed by Ramos and Bassols for Vibia.

The sustainably-sourced wood plays a major role in Duo’s design, juxtaposed with a metal shell to create a stylishly tactile product. Duo perfectly complements and highlights wood grain finishes within interior settings.

“We chose wood because it’s a natural and quality material. It lends warmth and at the same time contrasts with the surrounding metal.”
– Ramos & Bassols.

Duo comes in six styles, from dome-shaped to skylight-esque.

It seeks to imitate the feeling of natural light entering a room – exploring the relationship between the earth and our constructed world. It captures and refines the rawness of nature, imitating the warm light of the sky within human living spaces. It’s perfect for hospitality, hotels, residential interiors and corporate spaces, creating an atmosphere of comfort and wellness.



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