Introducing Flat – the art of reflection.

Flat is a recent release by award-winning lighting company Vibia. Metal discs act as reflectors, creating both direct and indirect illumination which can be utilised for a range of interior lighting effects.

This series encompasses a range of pendants, ceiling lamps, floor lamps and table lamps, so there are endless ways to incorporate Flat into your next project. Flat pendants use a low-hanging reflector disc to create downward-facing pools of light; the Flat 5930 features a reflector below the canopy, which simultaneously washes the ceiling with warm illumination.

Flat’s ceiling lamp range uses indirect light to fill interiors with a cosy glow. Its delicate silhouette makes it seem as if each disc is floating in midair. These ceiling lamps come as standalone models or in clusters of three, which make a graphic statement in any living room, lobby, boardroom or retail interior.

Indirect lighting reduces glare and shadowing within spaces, creating balanced interiors. It can also make the room seem more spacious, and draw attention to ornate ceilings and cornices. When direct and indirect lighting are combined, you can cast a pool of light over a key area – such as a dining table or lounge room – while simultaneously illuminating the room at large. 

Flat’s range of table and floor lamps combine an angular geometric body with a rounded reflector disc, providing stylish accent lighting to doorways, desks, consoles and bedside tables. Across the range, you can find an earthy colour palette which complements a wide range of interior schemes. Terracotta red, sage green and light grey powder-coated finishes are both homely and contemporary.



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