We’ve got all eyes on the Guise.

Guise is a range of glass wall sconces, floor lamps and pendants designed by Stefan Diez for Vibia. It was crowned winner of the prestigious 2018 Red Dot and German Design Awards, and for good reason.

Diez was inspired to create a fitting where the light source is concealed, exploring the relationship between light and transparency. The Guise range blends into its surroundings until activated. Then, the notches in the glass light up, and the fixture reveals itself. 

Each Guise lamp is made from a single tube of borosilicate glass, which can endure harsh sunlight, heat and corrosive substances. This glass transmits light from Guise’s slim LED unit, acting as a diffuser. 

Borosilicate glass is lauded for its ability to fend off corrosion and aging making it a hard-wearing product range that’ll light up your space for years to come. It’s manufactured for Vibia by Schott in Mainz, Germany, which has been producing specialist glass for over 130 years.

The quality of the glass is consistently checked and controlled by Schott, ensuring that the optics and aesthetics of the end product are up to standard. Due to the manufacturing process, small details like air bubbles are present in the glass. This makes each Guise lamp truly unique, without undermining its performance or quality. 

By owning a Guise lamp, you’re owning a one-of-a-kind handmade piece that combines cutting-edge light technology with decades of craftsmanship.

Guise’s tubular pendant models come vertical or horizontal. The ceiling lamp models are surface-mounted and cast glare-free pools of light directly downwards, while the wall lamp is a flat circular fitting which produces crisp general light – perfect for reading by.

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