The Musa is one pearl of a light.

Designed by Kristoffer Fagerström and Charlotte Ackerman from Note Design Studio, the Musa collection from Vibia takes its cues from the beauty of nature. The position of the opal glass bulb within its dish-shaped aluminium shade is reminiscent of a pearl that has formed within a clam shell. With its delicate, poetic form, Musa lends a warm and refined illumination to any living space.

For Musa, the early design process began with the creation of origami paper prototypes, which led to sketching and subsequent 3D-printed models. To keep the shape of the Musa minimal and organic, the designers fit an aluminium dissipator behind its glass bulb, to manage the heat produced by the 2700K LED unit without skewing the simplicity of the overall design. 

Musa’s delicate nature is enhanced by its range of light finishes: white, salmon, and mink. It comes as a wall-mounted fitting and plug-in table lamp, but is also available as a battery-operated, rechargeable table lamp, which is fully portable.

Musa can illuminate outdoor gatherings in the evening before being brought inside to light up a dinner table, and eventually taken to one’s bedside to provide cozy, comfortable reading light. All Musa models are dimmable; Musa table lamps use push-button dimming on their bases to provide several levels of light output.

Musa’s versatility makes it an ideal candidate for not only residential spaces but hotels and spas too, as its gentle light provides a sense of wellbeing and relaxation. It’s perfect for wayfinding when installed in repetition through hallways and corridors.



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