Design superstar: the best of Arik Levy.

When it comes to creating new products, Vibia is known for collaborating with design royalty. One of Vibia’s most notable collaborators is Arik Levy, an artist and designer whose portfolio spans interiors, packaging, graphics, furniture and objects – not to mention a series of geologically-inspired sculptures which includes the massive Rockgrowth Hermitage in Moscow, Russia. Here are some of our favourite lighting designs by Arik Levy. Some are recent, some not-so-recent, but they all have one thing in common – they’re timeless, thoughtfully conceptualised, and fit beautifully into countless spaces.


An iconic Vibia product, the Wireflow series is a reinterpretation of the archetypal chandelier. The Wireflow range can be found in projects the world over, and its commanding scale – balanced with its weightless appearance – makes it a classic feature pendant. The Wireflow comes in multiple iterations, including the standard pendant models, the Wireflow Lineal, Wireflow Chandelier and Wireflow Free-Form. The Wireflow Lineal collection is made up of 2-dimensional silhouettes that create three-dimensional atmosphere, while the Wireflow Free-Form provides a modular lighting solution that can be oriented across walls and ceilings alike. The Wireflow Chandelier range presents more complex, tiered versions of the standard Wireflow models. From beneath, they resemble a spiderweb of graphite cables which culminate in rings of pressed glass diffusers. 


Like the Wireflow family, the North range is designed to resemble a deconstructed lighting archetype. A classic conical shade hangs from a rigid stem by a thin electrical cable, giving it a weightless appearance. The North family is made up of pendants, floor lamps and wall lamps, each with a delicate shade and stem (and if it’s a floor lamp – a small counterweight which can be moved to orient the light as needed). Levy’s design inspiration is Polaris, more commonly known as the North Star, which has been used as a wayfinding tool for expeditioners throughout history – making this one stellar collection.


Ghost is Levy’s most recent design for Vibia, characterised by its eye-catching scale and virtual weightlessness. The Ghost range is comprised of pendant and table lamps which are delicately made from mouth-blown opal glass. The Ghost pendant produces a 360-degree ambient glow while using its flat bottom plane to cast pools of light downwards. In table lamp form, two differently-scaled diffusers are joined end-to-end to create a luminaire with an undeniable presence. The Ghost table lamp also comes with optional coloured diffusers; one in red and one in burgundy. These add a gentle pop of colour to your interior of choice.


Sticks is a modular lighting toolkit with architects and interior designers alike. It’s as minimalist as lighting can get, and is perfect for illuminating dark corners and dull zones within a space. There are three lengths available in the Sticks collection – 1.5m, 2m and 3m. Their aluminium bodies can be joined end-to-end up to a total of 6.5m using a single electrical connection. They can also be suspended, mounted to walls and ceilings, and stood upright from the floor, making them an incredibly versatile lighting tool. With the Sticks collection, the only limit is your creativity.



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